creative translation

The Creative Lab is the workspace in which a seamless and authentic experience for your global audience is crafted, taking your product beyond its current borders and refashioning it to blend with new and international surroundings. Here we provide creative translation for advertising & film and communication for the fashion, music, art & design industries.

We work with:

  • Recording studios

  • Publishing houses

  • Fashion, music, art and design press

  • Record labels

  • Museums

We offer our clients a full-range of creative translation services, including:

Project management

Planning, budgeting, scheduling, coordination, client liaison.

Creative translation

Articles, advertisements (film & graphic), screen plays (film & TV), literature, websites, press releases, comics & cartoons with special focus on target audience, cultural setting, identity, and source message.

Proofreading & detailed editing

Revision of translated material against original source, with special focus on consistency.

Subtitling & Dubbing

We offer subtitling as well as in-country recording for voice-overs through our network of partner studios in Spain and Europe.

  • Actors and studios specialized in dubbing for movies and voice-overs for radio and TV.

  • Different dubbing methods: lip synch, time constraint, etc.

Original product cross-cultural consultancy

Incorporation of appropriate business etiquette; ensuring proper use of symbols and language in source text.

Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP)

DTP in all major layout programs (PC & Mac).

Visual adaptation

Design & illustration to target a specific cultural audience, the finishing touch that refashions your product to blend with any market.