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At Wordlab we protect and promote the art of translation. All of our team members have:

  • Extensive experience in translation and in their specialized field.

  • University Degree in Translation or equivalent experience.

  • Second degree in a related field of study.

  • Exclusivity agreement for translation into mother tongue only.

Furthermore, to ensure continuous excellence in our product, our translators are subject to testing and ongoing evaluation. This practice both guarantees the quality of work and contributes to the translator’s professional development.

All our contractors are subject to NDAs to protect the confidentiality of your materials.

Diana Díaz Montón

is a translator, game localization specialist, writer and entrepreneur. Diana began her career in the videogame translation industry in 1998, with an internship at EA Sports in Madrid, Spain.

Upon graduating in Translation and Interpreting in 1999 from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid, Spain), she started working as a freelance translator for major agencies and clients in Europe and North America. She has participated in the translation, editing and quality assurance of nearly 200 titles (including all platforms and genres). Additionally she specialises in fashion, technical translation and software localization.

Born and raised in Madrid (Spain), Diana is fluent in English and Swedish and has translated actively from French, German, Italian, Swedish and Danish.

Diana has participated as a speaker at the Localization Summit in GDC San Francisco (2010), the I International Conference on Accessibility and Localization for Video Games and Virtual Worlds in Barcelona, (2010), Gamelab (2012) and CITA 3 - Conferencia Internacional de Traducción Audiovisual in Castellón (2014).

She also teaches game localization at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and at Cálamo y Cran (Madrid) and has written a number of articles about the challenges of video game translation and adaptation for different markets, which have been published in online and print magazines.

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Karin Andersson

is a localization consultant, project manager and writer.

Born and raised in a bilingual Swedish-American family, Karin's interest for languages started early. As well as her natural talent for the written word, she has always been a techie at heart – which shows in her choice of education as she in 2007 acquired a M.Sc. degree from Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden.

Karin has coordinated and supervised projects for the localization of video games, websites and software applications and has been involved in all stages of the project, from analysis and planning to QA and testing. She translates and edits from Swedish, and writes in both Swedish and English.