video game localization

The Game_Lab is the division of Wordlab devoted to game localization. With expert knowledge of the gaming industry, we offer the seamless transition of your game into the diverse worlds of gamers all over the globe.

You spend months creating a high quality game -why have its success jeopardized on the international market by stilted dialogue, inappropriate subtitles, or cultural awkwardness? Proper localization ensures your product will allow players in all your target languages to immerse themselves in the ultimate experience.

Wordlab is a member of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and IGDA’s Localization SIG.


From project management and translation to voice recording in our own studios, we offer a full-range of language services for game developers and publishers.

Project management

Planning, budgeting, scheduling, file preparation, team set up and coordination, client liaison.

Multilingual localization

We select the best team of translators for each project based on the specific characteristics of the project and the translator's profile. We apply translation memories and terminology tools to ensure consistency throughout the project and/or franchise.

All translated material is proofread and reviewed against original source. The next step is the detailed editing of target text, with special focus on consistency and HMT compliance.

Voice Recordings

Multilingual voice recordings through our network of in-country studios in Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Germany).

  • Actors and studios specialized in dubbing for videogames.

  • Audio workflows designed for the videogame industry.

Cross-cultural consultancy

Violence and explicit language consultancy and adaptation.

Terminology Management & Style Guides

Extraction of terms, creation and management of term bases. Use of translation memories to ensure consistency, keep track of changes and leverage work. Development of ad hoc style guides.